3 Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar energy is a form of renewable energy. It is the energy derived from the sun (sunlight) that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Far greater than the financial benefits of going solar are the benefits to our environment. Some benefits of solar energy to the environment are outlined below:


Daily, there are several contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases. According to IPCC, electricity and heat production is a major contributor to the release of greenhouse gases. Examples of these gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapour, chlorofluorocarbons etc. These emissions trap heat and increase the overall temperature of the Earth’s surface thereby causing the negative impact on human beings and the environment at large.

Switching to solar energy as a renewable source of energy will contribute greatly to the reduction of global warming through the elimination of major sources of carbon emissions like the burning of fossil fuels, fumes from generators and so on.


According to World Health Organization statistics, it was estimated in 2012, 26% of childhood deaths and 25% of the total disease burden in children under five could be prevented through the reduction of environmental risks such as air pollution, unsafe water, sanitation and inadequate hygiene or chemicals.

Air pollution through the burning of fossil fuels, gas flaring, smoke from generators, fumes from exhaust pipes and many other sources are causes of major respiratory diseases and deaths. Toxic substances are formed in the air with water particles when the air is polluted with Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. This, in turn, causes water pollution when the toxic substances formed in the air fall as acid rain and enter water bodies.

Embracing the use of solar energy will greatly decrease air, water and all other forms of pollution. It reduces noise pollution from generators especially in homes or offices as there are no moving parts. The implementation of solar energy will reduce mortality rates around the world. How? By improving air and water purification and reducing health risks such as cancer, asthma and many others.

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The use of non-renewable forms of energy such as fossil fuels has contributed greatly to the death of aquatic animals through water pollution. Birds e.g., bats, small hawks have reportedly been killed through collision with wind turbines. With the use of photovoltaics or solar energy, there is really no form of danger to animals.

Also, there is no reduction in agricultural output with the use of solar energy as solar panels can be put on roofs and poles. This is because there is no form of land misuse or pollution of the soil with the use of solar energy which fosters agricultural growth.

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  • Solar energy is One of Green Energy for Human Being.This Is free energy and cheap.This Important for the future to Make better life of Human Being and Earth

  • Very nice written blog. We are running short on natural resources and yes the future is the Renewable sources of energy. This will not just help in getting a greener planet but also will help us to save our expenses.

  • Nice piece of article and well written. As the use of solar energy is increasing day by day we are able to save the environment. With your article, people will be aware of the benefits of solar energy and make use of it. Keep sharing your knowledge.

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