1MW Solar PV Farm at Ado Bayero Mall, Kano, Nigeria

Energizing Commerce & Industry: Ado Bayero Mall Solar Power Project

Location: Ado Bayero Mall, Kano State, Nigeria
Technology: Solar Power
Capacity: 1MW


Spanning over 10 hectares, Ado Bayero Mall offers 24,000 m² of retail and entertainment space, featuring local and international shopping retailers, an indoor multi-screen cinema – Film House Cinemas, diverse dining options, media stores, and an indoor play area for children. With over fifty customizable shop spaces and ample parking facilities, it stands as an ultra-modern shopping destination.


The Challenge
Ado Bayero Mall, an ultra-modern shopping mall, faced a challenge: unreliable electricity from the grid and rising costs from using diesel generators. The environmental impact of diesel consumption was also a concern.


Our Solution
Through a long-term power purchase agreement under our Energizing Commerce & Industry business unit, we harnessed the power of the sun through the deployment of a 1MW Solar PV Power Plant. Operating daily, this solar plant powers critical infrastructure within the mall, including chillers, water treatment plants, the administrative building, and stores.


Powering Businesses, Preserving the Planet
By harnessing the power of the sun, we’re not just ensuring the provision of reliable and cost-effective energy supply for the mall at NO CAPITAL COST, but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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