Announcing the completion of a new solar mini-grid

Today, we are pleased to announce the completion of our 20kW Solar Mini-Grid in Kigbe community, a rural community in Kwali Local Government Area Council of Abuja. This is part of our mission to end blackout in rural communities. The mini-grid serves 145 homes and 5 micro businesses within the community, impacting about 1000 people.

Prior to the deployment of this electrification project, Kigbe had no electricity, being an off-grid community. Like many other off-grid communities in the country, the inhabitants of Kigbe often rely on unsafe and expensive power sources such as Kerosene powered lanterns, petrol generators and the likes.

The solution generates electricity from the sun during the day for use and stores the excess in a battery for use at night. The electricity generated from the sun is then transmitted to the residents through a 3.2km 3-phase and 1-phase grid lines that cut across the community.

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In a bid to make the project sustainable, we have agreed on a fair tariff with the inhabitants of the community. The tariff is paid via mobile money (through a USSD code on their mobile phones). 

In the months ahead, we are set to deploy the same solution in other off-grid communities within Nigeria. 

We are grateful to all our partners whose financial and technical support led to the successful completion of this project – the likes of United States African Development Foundation (USADF), Power Africa Initiative, Inensus, Diamond Development Initiatives and others.

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The video below is a documentary about the project:

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