Students design solar-powered car to help Egypt’s disabled

A group of mechanical engineering students at Helwan University in Cairo have come up with a concept – A solar-powered vehicle to help those with disabilities navigate their way around the bustling streets of Cairo without assistance.

The vehicle is operated using a remote control and the battery powered motor is charged using solar panels on the roof.

Below is a transcript from a video by Reuters

“Disabled Egyptians could have their horizons expanded by a solar-powered vehicle.

It’s operated by remote control and solar panels on the roof charge the battery-powered motor.

And its top speed is 55 km per hour, making it a speedy option for those who usually travel in wheelchairs.


The team of engineering students from Cairo's Helwan University. — Reuters video screengrab
The team of engineering students from Cairo’s Helwan University. — Reuters video screengrab



“We made something that he can use personally and he can control it easily. Everything can be done by hand. There is an emergency system that he can use to manoeuvre if the electricity goes out or if anything happens to the battery.”

The team behind the three-wheeled vehicle is a group of engineering students from Cairo’s Helwan University.

They hope to give people with disabilities a sense of independence at an affordable price.


“You have to make something like this so they can go to their jobs or other places far away for errands. When a vehicle like this is made, that goes at a reasonable speed which can be on the road with other cars and tuk tuks and that’s a good thing for them. It breaks their emotional barrier and at the same time, they are given the chance to be part of the community.”

For now the student team are working on perfecting the prototype, and are hoping to raise enough funds to build a consumer model, fit for the streets of Cairo.”


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