My Internship Experience at Havenhill Synergy Ltd – Tolulope Olusina

My Internship Experience at Havenhill Synergy by Tolulope Olusina

The challenge I face right now is trying to sum up months’ worth of experiences in a few paragraphs. Even more challenging is the fact that this post marks the end of my internship here with Havenhill Synergy. In the past few days, I have been preparing myself for my departure, all the while brainstorming on the next step in my career path.

My internship at Havenhill Synergy has taught me more than I could have imagined; my duties were tasking, diverse, and ever-changing. I was a part of the technical department – a team that related with each other like family, while still maintaining respect and carrying out our responsibilities efficiently. Below are some of the most beneficial lessons I have learned.

What I’ve Learned:

Work hard: This is an obvious one, but it is important to take note of. Don’t waste time! You’re there to work, and they didn’t have to give you this opportunity. Make the most of your time and theirs.

How to behave in the office:  The environment here at Havenhill is quite relaxed, yet it taught me how to behave in the workplace. Simply working in the office and getting used to everything here has definitely prepared me for whatever my next position may be. Just observing the everyday events has taught me more about teamwork, and how people can come together to get things done. Although sometimes I have to remind myself to use my inside voice, I feel I’ve adapted to the office life relatively well.

How to build my resume: This internship has improved my skills a ton, both off paper and on paper. I didn’t realize it all of this time, but this position served not only as a positive learning experience but a resume builder as well. I came into this with a resume that was basically naked, now I am leaving and I have lots of updating to do. I underestimated how much work I did that actually translates to my resume.

I’m actually multiskilled: Coming into this position, I felt that I was not going to be too useful to a solar energy organization, being a graduate of civil engineering. I lacked confidence in what I could do and what I was really good at. I, however, learnt the ropes quickly and even applied my civil engineering experience in some construction activities, we were involved in. My internship has definitely given me a better understanding of my skill set and most importantly, I’ve come to learn that I have other skills, besides being a civil engineering graduate, that can be adapted to fit into any organization. 

Take on as much as you can: In the entire four and a half months I was at my internship, I was very active with the technical unit, carrying out audits, connecting electrical wires, site assistance and doing research work. However, I feel like I could have done more. Remember that the more you do, the more you have to show for the experience when you’re looking for another internship or a job.

As I leave, I want to thank everyone at Havenhill Synergy who helped in setting my career in motion – Mr Segun Odunaiya, the CEO who allowed me a chance to learn at his organization and for being an understanding boss; my ever capable HOD, Mr Seun Abraham, my teammates turned friends – Joba, Robert, Teslim, and Collins; the only other girl in the midst of men – Abigail, they couldn’t intimidate us with their bass voices; Mr Tobi and Mrs Simi – I barely got to know you guys well enough before the end of my internship. This has truly been a great learning experience and I’ll be forever indebted to those who gave me a hand here.

As far as being an intern goes, remember to always be friendly, work hard, make yourself available to corrections and ask questions. Always ask questions! Hopefully, you come away from your internship with as much as I did.


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