What is the best type of inverter for my home?

What is the best type of inverter for my home?

On Wednesday, 16th May 2018, we answered the question “What is the best type of inverter for my home?” on #LearnWithHHS.

Learn With Havenhill – Best type of inverter for your home


As we know, an inverter is an electronic device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) to charge batteries and then DC to AC to power our appliances.

Inverter Waveforms

Inverters are classified based on their waveform, i.e the shape of the alternating current wave they produce.

There are three basic types of inverter waveforms: the pure sine wave (PSW), the modified sine wave (MSW) and the square wave (this is quite obsolete).

A major reason why pure sine wave inverters are advised over modified sine wave inverters is that: Pure Sine Wave inverters provide an almost exact replica of AC power from the mains (Electricity Distribution Companies). Most appliances of recent times, especially those with advanced electronic circuits are designed for use with pure sine wave inverter. This means that they will work to their full specifications.

The more sensitive the device, the less likely it will work well on an MSW inverter. Newer devices may get damaged over time when used on an MSW inverter

Some other reasons are that:

1. It produces better and cleaner current with low harmonic distortion.

2. It reduces audible and electrical noises or humming in fans, game consoles etc.

3. It allows minimum disturbance in electrical circuits

4. It is made up of a single frequency

5. Some load run faster, with less noise and less heat such as inductive loads.

Although the modified sine wave inverter is cheaper, it can cause some devices to behave erratically. Yes! it will work fine with some equipment, it will reduce the efficiency or power in some others and not work at all for some others. Appliances that have timers or digital clocks will often not operate correctly. 

Appliances such as laser printers, photocopiers, laptops, fluorescent lights, some medical equipment, ceiling fans, fridges with compressors etc will run better on pure sine wave inverters. 

Some great inverter brands you could use for your home are Sukam, Luminous, Schneider, Gennex, Access Power and others.

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