8 years lighting up Nigeria: How it all started

HURRAY!!! HAVENHILL SYNERGY is 8 years today.


“I am particularly ecstatic that the dream conceived over nine years ago, from contemplating the pain and suffering of others, gradually finds fulfilment.” – Olusegun Odunaiya (CEO of Havenhill Synergy).

On this 8 year journey, we need not tell you tales of when we were hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed. We were perplexed, but did not despair; persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed. For whenever we considered our pain, we were refreshed by the hope that the pain would bring joy to many.

This organization started primarily as a social enterprise because of the experience our CEO had about 9 years ago – read the story below:

“I had gone visiting a friend in a semi-rural community in Lagos State. As I walked the streets of that community, I ran into a young boy of school age but who was not in school. I was able to gather, having engaged him in a conversation that his parents could not afford to fund his education and promised to come back in two weeks and do something about his plight. This was because I believed, and still believe, that every child deserves a right not just to education but to quality education.

I returned to this same community about three weeks later – breaking my promise by the lapse of a week and found it inordinately difficult locating this young boy as everyone I enquired from were reluctant to discuss him. Fortunately or rather, unfortunately, I met someone who generously volunteered information about the boy. He said ‘the boy, his two siblings and parents are dead’. I was dazed! Not necessarily by the concept of death but by the complete annihilation of an entire nuclear family in one fell swoop.

My questions began to pour: How can this be? What could have happened? Why did it happen? These and more questions I asked and was able to gather that they died from toxic fumes from a neighbour’s generating set. Sadly, I have come to know that in a nation of almost two hundred million people, this is not an isolated incident even today.

Broken, this personal experience was the turning point in my life and career. I knew I had to do something and this was the major  motivation and driving force that birthed HAVENHILL SYNERGY.”

Lighting up Nigeria – Solar Mini-Grid Project at Kigbe 

So today, we look back with joy seeing the many lives our work has impacted and we also look to the future in anticipation for the thousands & millions of lives we will yet impact.

Doing business in our country Nigeria is tough but we have come this far because of the support we have received from our shareholders,  partners, members of staff, families, friends and ultimately The Most High God.

Please do say a word of encouragement, advice and prayer for us as we face the next 8 major significant years.


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