Often times, people make use of their cooling appliances like an air conditioner during periods when the climate is dry and the weather, hot.

The rainy season in the northern part of Nigeria lasts for about three to four months (June–September) each year. The rest of the year is hot and dry with temperatures climbing as high as 40 °C (104.0 °F). During this period, with or without a solar system, you will need a reliable power source to keep you cool.

However, do you know that all this is possible even with your solar power backup system? Take the next few steps on how to reduce your air conditioner bills and be wowed.

1. Reduce the ray of sunlight that gets to your room

The duration your air conditioner will run is dependent on the temperature of the room. It will take lesser time for a room with an average temperature to get cooler than a room with a high temperature. Reducing the sun rays that get to the room using window blinds or tinted windows will be a way to reduce the temperature of a room.

2. Keep the maintenance schedule

A worn out system will consume more energy than a well-maintained system. Technical faults like coolant leaks, stuck vents and more can cause the air conditioner to work overtime.

3. Use a Timer/Thermostat

Instead of leaving your air conditioner turned on through the night, regulating it using the timer or thermostat is better. How? Set the timer or thermostat of the air conditioner in such a way that when it attains a particular temperature, it goes off. This reduces costs as one wouldn’t need to run the AC for 24 hours.

4. Getting the right appliance

With development over time, endeavour to check the data plate for the power rating of your appliance. This is because companies now produce 1hp Air conditioning systems that perform the functions of a 2hp Air conditioner. Sometimes, they even work better. This will also help the efficiency of the solar powered system.

5. Use a fan

Did you know that fans use 10% of the energy consumed by AC and can make a room feel 10° cooler? At times, when using the air conditioning system isn’t so necessary, you should use your fan.

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