Factors affecting the output and efficiency of solar panels

Factors affecting the output and efficiency of solar panels

The portion of energy in the form of sunlight that can be converted via photovoltaics into electricity is referred to as Solar Cell Efficiency. Here are some factors that affect the output and efficiency of solar panels:

Type of solar PV module used

The efficiency of the different types of solar panels differ between manufacturers and should be considered before installation.

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Solar irradiation

As we know, the solar panels work with the amount of sunlight and not heat from the sun. The greater the amount of light incident on the panels, the higher the efficiency of the solar panels.


Solar panel shading is one of the factors that affect the output and efficiency of a solar system.

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Mounting position

In Nigeria, solar panels should be mounted at an inclination angle of 15 degrees South.


In designing a system, the temperature of the region is usually considered for the choice of solar panels. Your installer should position the panels in a way that there is sufficient airflow to induce natural cooling.

Poor maintenance

Presence of dust and dirt on the solar panels generally reduces their efficiency. Regular cleaning is recommended for all solar panels.

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