3 Best ways to maintain your solar panels in Nigeria


A major component of a solar-powered system is the solar panel. A solar panel is made up of connected solar cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. How you maintain your solar panels determine how long they last. Most solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years which makes them cheaper to use in the long run when compared to diesel or fuel generators.

Do you know that yearly, the effectiveness of a solar panel decreases by not more than 2%? However, its efficiency can be reduced due to factors like dust, pollen and other particles that accumulate on it. To maintain the efficiency of your panels, here are three useful tips:

  1. Clean your solar panels

The solar panels can be cleaned using a kit. This kit contains a wiper or foam with a long handle. Flowing water, preferably with a hose is also needed. The frequency of your cleaning is dependent on how dusty your location is.

  1. Install a performance monitoring device

How does this device work? It informs you of a panel that isn’t functioning or giving as much output as others as well as help you keep track of the total output. This helps you know when to carry out cleaning and general maintenance of the panel to increase efficiency.

  1. Get the service of a professional

There are approved companies that offer maintenance services for solar-powered systems. For instances where the panels are too high to reach without a ladder, the service of a professional is advised.

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