Re-branding Announcement: Havenhill Synergy has a new logo!

We are excited to announce that we have a new look!

Last week, Havenhill hit a milestone – 10 years in operation. We started with the sole mission of improving energy access to households and small businesses across the country.  While our focus was largely on urban areas in the early days, our mission now has an expanded scope with a focus on rural communities and a renewed commitment to actively promote the use of renewable sources. Further to this, we are excited to unveil a new brand identity that aligns with this.

After several iterations and design meetings, we settled for an identity (logo) that shows what our efforts over the next decade (and beyond) will hinge on. Planet earth is getting destroyed by the day through the release of carbon from various sources. We all now have a single goal of protecting this planet. As an energy access company, we join on this mission by actively promoting renewable sources in all designs and deployment.

When we kickstarted the journey of rebranding, we looked out to nature for a pictorial representation of safety and preservation. Our new logo represents an eagle’s nest, one of nature’s strongest birds. The eagle’s nest came handy as a purely natural symbol of protection. This coupled with the shape of the recycle icon, gave birth to a unique logo design that embodies the underlying values of sustainability for the planet.

An eagle’s nest is called an eyrie. It is constructed of interwoven sticks. The interior is lined with grass, corn stalks, and other material [in our case, think wires, connectors, cables etc]. The bowl filled with soft materials including moss (which may serve as an insect repellent) and the downy feathers from adults.

In an era of reducing carbon release into the atmosphere, there are very few ways of graphically representing our mission other than this illustration. This new identity serves as a constant reminder of our mission to protect the earth from our own little corner in Nigeria. We will do this by continuing to increase energy access in a sustainable manner and actively seek innovative sources of energy that promote decarbonization.

This new identity replaces our old identity across all channels and platforms. We hope that this brand refresh will also give our partners and stakeholders a fresh view and perspective of our work at Havenhill as we accelerate our energy access mission to serve households and small businesses across the country.

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