We are Hiring – Senior Technician

Job Title: Senior Technician
Location: Abuja
Job Type: Full Time
Resumption: Q4 2019
Number of Open Positions: 3

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Havenhill Synergy is a clean-tech utility company that uses Solar Energy to generate clean, safe, cost-effective and sustainable electricity in rural and urban Nigeria. Havenhill is set to scale up her end blackout projects in rural communities by establishing several hundreds of Solar hybrid mini-grids and having significant footprints in the commercial and industrial space.

This role will report to the Technical Supervisor.


  • Coordinate and execute installation, operation and maintenance of standalone or hybrid solar projects ranging from 20kW to 1MW.
  • Perform energy audit, load profiling, energy assessment, risk analysis and installation analysis of potential projects.
  • Assess job site, identify and resolve any potential hazards.
  • Create or interpret the solar panel installation plans, mapping out the steps of the installation and where all of the components will be installed.
  • Install, inspect, maintain, troubleshoot and repair solar systems.
  • Do any and all electrical works needed to connect solar systems to the electric grid. This includes proper grounding systems, controls and all test necessary.
  • Ensure all installations are in accordance with local safety regulations and the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Perform and ensure quality control of all installed systems


  • Strong leadership skills
  • B.Eng., B.Sc. or HND in Relevant field (Solar Technologies, Electrical, Physics etc.).
  • SPVIS, MGD or equivalent is a requirement.
  • 3 years of industry experience with practical evidence of work done.

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