How to calculate the Energy Consumption of your home

Do you know you can calculate the energy usage of your home without the service of skilled personnel? Follow us as we calculate the energy consumption of Mr Danlami Segun Okoro.

Mr Danlami lives in a 2 bedroom bungalow in Abuja. He wants to know how much energy he uses in his home daily. Below are the steps he follows to find out:

1. He lists out the total number of each appliance in his home. For example, 10 bulbs, 2 Televisions, 1 Fridge, 3 Fans, 1 Air conditioner.

2. He checks the nameplate of the appliances to know the wattage they consume. His TV is 85W, Fridge – 120W, Bulb – 15W, Fan – 65W and Air conditioner – 120W.


The wattage is the operating power of your electrical appliance. Almost all appliances come with a wattage label, nameplate or user manual. If your case is otherwise, you can purchase a wattage measuring device or simply search online for the wattage of the particular appliance.

3. He calculates the total wattage of the system

Make a sum total of each particular appliance you use daily by multiplying the quantity of the appliance by the wattage of one appliance.  For example, Mr Danlami uses 10 bulbs (15 Watts rating per bulb). That makes the total power to be 150 Watts. To convert to kilowatt, divide the total watts by 1000. This equals 0.15kW.

4. Determine the total watts per day

This tells you the amount of energy consumed each day by a particular appliance. Simply multiply the total wattage of the appliance by the number of hours you use it.

Check the table below for an overview of the calculation:

Load Audit & Profiling for Solar Installation
TYPE QUANTITY Watts Total Watts (kW) Daily Use (number of hours per day) Watts-hour daily (kWh)
Bulb 10 15 0.15 12 1.8
Fans 3 65 0.195 6 1.17
Tv 2 85 0.17 8 1.36
AC 1 1150 1.150 5 5.75
Fridge 1 120 0.12 10 1.2
Total 1.785 11.28

From the table above, it shows that Mr Danlami Segun Okoro consumes about 11.28 kWh energy every day.

In addition to having an idea of what the energy consumption of your house, you can use this process to learn how to cut cost in your monthly electricity expenditure. If one wants to acquire a power backup system with or without solar, knowing the energy consumption of your house is necessary.

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Here are some appliances and the amount of energy they consume below:

Appliance Wattage
Energy efficient bulb 3W – 20W
Television 65W – 150W
Ceiling fan 75W – 100W
Desktop computer 200W – 350W
Electric Kettle 1200W – 1500W
Freezer 100W – 400W
Laptop 65W – 95W
DVD/Decoder 25W
Water Dispenser 350W – 500W

With time, the list above will be updated or you can search for the wattage of any appliance you purchase on the nameplate.

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