Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems

Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems


Running water pumps (Boreholes) during the day and at night is very important and crucial, as the success of your venture depends on this and how well it functions. But the economic side of it is demanding.

Solar water pumps are the most economical and reliable solution for all grid or off-grid water supply demands. These solar water pumps can pump water from as deep as 250 meters than any other pump in the market. This becomes more effective as a D.C pump is made use of instead of the conventional A.C pumps.

Our solar water pumps are complete solution to the irregular power supply. The efficient microprocessor automatically activates from sunrise to sunset by pumping water all through the day when there is sunlight with an in-built water sensor that regulates the pumping of water when storage is full or empty. No pollution no noise, no fume, environment friendly, and absolutely cuts down your expenses on diesel or petrol while you are maximizing much more profits.

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