Rural Electrification

rural electrification - Havenhill Synergy Ltd

About 80 million Nigerians don’t have access to electricity in Nigeria. A majority of that population live in the rural communities.

These rural communities are not connected to the national electricity grid. Most of them lack clean portable water supply, basic amenities and even rely on kerosene lanterns to live and conduct business activities.

In a bid to end blackout in Nigeria and subsequently, the world, Havenhill Synergy Limited setting up solar mini-grids to provide rural communities with independent power plant electricity station that have a minimum of 20kW generating capacity. Using micro-grid inverters, battery banks, charge controllers, PV panels and other accessories, the mini-grids will have the capacity to provide power supply to a minimum of 150 households and more depending on their size.

Here’s our 20kW solar mini-grid that provides 24/7 power supply to Kigbe community in Kwali Local Government at Abuja. Read more

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