Why your power backup system does not last as long as it should

Why your power backup system does not last as long as it should

“My power backup system is not lasting as long as it should.”

“My batteries are just a few months old and they last for a very short period.”

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If the above sentences sound like what you’ve said, then you should know the reasons why your power backup system isn’t serving you well. They are:

Poor Design

Before installation, a load/energy audit is important. During the audit, the electrical energy demand of the appliances in your home or office is assessed. If this isn’t done, there’s a great possibility your system won’t last as long as expected

If the load on a system is greater than the battery capacity, the batteries will drain faster than normal.

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Deep discharge of batteries

When you drain your battery below the required Depth of Discharge, the cycle life reduces. They wouldn’t last for as long as they were designed to.

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Batteries discharge faster at high temperatures. Ensure that your power backup solution is installed in a well-ventilated area. Constantly exposing the system to high temperatures reduces its lifespan.

Every battery manufacturer has a temperature range of their batteries. This is usually stated in the operating manuals or user guide. Installers should take note of this.

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Substandard equipment

The equipment used for installations may be of a lower standard than stated on their nameplate. Therefore, the equipment used should be purchased from credible distributors. Sadly, some people buy substandard equipment to cut cost.

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