The challenge of energy (electricity) we face in our nation today is enormous and has made so many businesses to collapse, many houses go on blackouts for days, not to talk of the high cost of diesel in running power plants. An average home or organization spend thousands of Naira yearly to keep the light-on with fossil fuels while polluting the environment and leaving the neighbours sick. Let’s begin to think of the long term impact of this on the earth.

Looking at this trend and how long it has lasted, we discover that so many big organizations like yours spend so much in keeping their plants running not to talk of maintaining these plants. What you probably spend on diesel or petrol in a day, month and in a year could have been reduced drastically if the conventional power source was effective. Having your lights on day and night is very important and necessary but the economic side of it is demanding.

This is why we are proffering the energy generated from the sun (SOLAR ENERGY) as an alternative and lasting measure. With this system, you will not need a generator or conventional power again. It is designed to serve your basic business needs and energy is conserved and managed.

Renewable energy especially solar and wind are fast gaining ground as people are becoming more and more interested in solutions rather than relief from the epileptic power supply in our environment. This technology that surpass any form of technology we might have known in time past due to its numerous benefits (No noise, no fumes, no pollution, easy installation, long life span and others benefits)

We at Havenhill Synergy limited seek to continually provide goods and services that surpass customer’s expectation at a price that represent value.

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