Havenhill receives grant funding for the electrification of primary healthcare centres in Oyo State, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria, 22/09/2020 – We are pleased to announce that Havenhill Synergy Ltd has been awarded a grant funding from Power Africa under the Power Africa Off-Grid Project programme for the electrification of 21 primary healthcare centres that are currently under-served by the national grid.

In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the existing weaknesses in Nigerian healthcare infrastructure became more evident, especially, the primary health care centres in rural and peri-urban communities. Electricity is the base infrastructure for these centres to function optimally, upgrade their equipment and also provide quality services.

The Power Africa Off-Grid Project seeks to support the accelerated provision of off-grid solar energy access to health clinics in rural, peri-urban or urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa while also helping off-grid solar companies navigate the changing business environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This funding will fund the deployment of 21 solar and energy storage systems to 21 primary healthcare centres across 3 senatorial districts in Oyo State using our Energy-as-a-Service business model. These systems will provide reliable power supply to the healthcare centres as opposed to an average of intermittent 4 hours power supply that they currently receive from the national grid.

“As part of our Energizing Healthcare Initiative, we are excited for the improved quality provision of services that will be provided to over 300,000 patients annually at these primary healthcare centres. We are grateful for this opportunity from the Power Africa Off-Grid Project team and we look forward to a fruitful partnership with the Oyo State Government.”, said Olusegun Odunaiya, CEO Havenhill Synergy Limited.

“Solar energy holds great potential to expand and improve health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa, and off-grid solar technology offers a clean, affordable, and smart solution to electrify healthcare facilities located beyond the reach of national electricity grids,” said Mark Carrato, Power Africa Acting Coordinator. “Power Africa’s experience shows that off-grid solar energy systems can be rapidly deployed to even the most rural facilities.”

“These awards demonstrate what we can accomplish when the public and private sectors join together to break down the barriers to reliable electricity for rural healthcare facilities,” said Chris Milligan, Counselor to USAID, on September 22, 2020 during a virtual event announcing the grant awardees.


About Havenhill Synergy Limited
Havenhill Synergy Limited is a clean-tech utility company committed to improving energy access in rural and urban Nigeria using clean energy sources. In rural areas, Havenhill deploys smart solar mini-grid to commercially viable off-grid rural communities. In urban areas, Havenhill helps businesses (like factories, large farms etc) reduce their energy cost and provide them with more reliable energy access through our Commercial & Industrial (C&I) solar offering.


About Power Africa
Power Africa is a U.S. government-led partnership, coordinated by USAID, that brings together the collective resources of over 170 public and private sector partners to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Power Africa’s goal is to add more than 30,000 megawatts (MW) of cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity and 60 million new home and business connections by 2030. As of July 2019, 56 of Power Africa’s 124 financially closed projects are producing 3,486 MW of new electricity that is transforming businesses, economies, and livelihoods.


Featured Image: Amref Health Africa


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