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Below is a list of frequently asked questions on solar energy, inverters, batteries etc. and their straightforward answers. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, kindly send us an email or message and we will be prompt to answer.

  1. When the sun doesn’t shine in a day, does that mean I won’t have light?

Solar panels do not work based on the heat from the sun, all that is needed is basically daylight for it to be able to
charge the batteries. So the answer to this question will be: No, it doesn’t mean you won’t have light at all, it simply means the batteries may charge slower or reduced availability of power.

  1. Why is it that most power back-up systems installed do not last as long as the expected backup time available?

There are several reasons why back-up systems don’t last as long as expected. Some of these are

a. Poor design: When the load analysis and the solution provided aren’t compatible which affects the discharge rate of a battery.

b. Battery discharge rate: When a battery discharges 100%, the cells in the battery die faster.

c. Quality: Some of the batteries acquired may be fake.

  1. What happens if I connect a load that wasn’t specified during installation, for example, an iron?

On a 0.6KVA inverter, if an iron (1000W or 1KVA) is connected, the circuit breaker will trip off causing the inverter to go off after making “alarm sounds” in some instances. On the other hand, if that same iron is connected on a 5KVA inverter that has a load of not up to 3KVA connected, it will work fine. The only thing is that the battery will drain faster than normal. Therefore, if the inverter senses an overload, it trips off and if otherwise, the battery just drains faster.

  1. What happens to the solar panels when it rains?

Come rain, come sunshine, nothing happens to the solar panels because there is a protective glass over the panels embedded within.Solar Panels

  1. Do I need to clean the solar panels? If yes, when? And how?

Yes, after a while, the solar panels need to be cleaned especially in the harmattan season. This is because the dust that accumulates on the panels over a while reduce the surface area thereby reducing the amount of power to be generated per time by the panels. While cleaning the panels, one doesn’t necessarily need to climb the roof, they can simply pour water on the panels through a hose.

  1. Is going solar really affordable?

Honestly, going solar on the short term is not affordable except in case of the Pay As You Go initiatives made available by some organizations. But when thinking of the long term benefits, it is affordable. Basically, those interested in long lasting solution over temporary relief will be interested in going solar.

  1. Why shouldn’t I continue with my generator and go solar?

The simple reason will be that in the long term, you will realize that going solar is cost saving.

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