What determines an efficient power backup/ solar system?

What determines an efficient power backup/solar system? 

Whoever owns a power backup/solar system would love to enjoy the investment made. That’s why questions like “How long will it last?”, “Will I need to spend money again?” amongst other questions are asked. 

There are several factors that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a power backup/solar system. These are: 

Quality of the Design

This includes a detailed energy audit and assessment which clearly shows system sizing, the capacity of PV and battery needed etc. This needs to be appropriately done for maximum output.

Quality of Products 

The Quality of Products used must be standard – panels, batteries, cables, charge controllers and other equipment must be of high quality. E.g, a typical solar panel should last for 25 years but there are cases where the panels stop working after 5 years or less. You can’t know a good panel by mere looking at it. We advise that you purchase a reputable brand. 
Another good example are batteries: Every battery has a cycle life which determines the lifespan of the battery not necessarily the country of manufacture. 

Quality of the Installation

Using the right size and length of cables, the right inclination of the solar panels as well as appropriate connections is important to the efficiency of your system.

Effective Management of the system by the Client

After the system has been installed in your home or office, how you use the system determines how effective and efficient it will work.


Never use pricing as a basis for your decision making in choosing a power backup/solar system. The quality of the products to be used and the experience of the installer should be the priority before considering the price.


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