Battery Do’s and Don’ts

Batteries are the most common energy storage systems used in solar and off-grid systems. Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts you should note about using them.


  • Think Safety First! Batteries are safe. Nevertheless, caution should be taken when handling them. One should use the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Why? The contents of batteries can pose as health hazards if not properly handled.

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  • Ensure that the surface and surrounding of your battery is always kept clean and free of dirt.
  • Have regular inspection and maintenance of your battery done by professionals.
  • Recharge your batteries immediately after discharge. Even in times where batteries are unused, recharge them at least once a month to maintain its efficiency.
  • Ensure that the required and adequate size and ratings of cables recommended for the battery are used during installations.
  • Ensure proper disposal of used batteries. How? Return it to the vendor you acquired it from or take it to a certified battery recycler.

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  • Do not combine old and new batteries in a system as this will affect the performance of the new batteries negatively.
  • Don’t use any type of water to refill your batteries. Use only DISTILLED WATER so as not to contaminate the electrolyte.
  • Do not combine different types and sizes of batteries in one system. Don’t discharge a battery any deeper than you possibly have to.

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