A year later: Solar Mini-Grid at Kigbe, Abuja, Nigeria.

Prior to this time, a year ago, the inhabitants relied on candles, kerosene lanterns and petrol generators (for those who could afford it) to power their homes and businesses which pose health and environmental risks. In fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy and our quest to end blackout in Nigerian rural communities, Havenhill Synergy decided to electrify the community with a solar mini-grid.

A year ago, in conjunction with United States African Development Foundation, Power Africa Initiative, Diamond Development Initiative, African Development Bank Mini-Grid HelpDesk and Inensus GmbH, Havenhill Synergy deployed a 20kW solar mini-grid solution to Kigbe community, Abuja, Nigeria.

Currently, though completely cut off from the grid, Kigbe has had a constant supply of electricity 24 hours a day for the past one year powering basic appliances like light bulbs, fans and TVs. In addition, we sunk and deployed a solar-powered borehole system that provides 20,000 litres of water daily to inhabitants of the community. This is in fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation.

Operating a solar mini-grid in a rural community comes with its own challenges. We have had a fair share of those challenges such as illiteracy and language barriers. For every challenge that emerged, we’ve overcome with workable solutions.

Constant electricity often leads to growth in economic activities. This is the situation at Kigbe. In addition to the electrification of homes, Havenhill has empowered businesses and individuals with our solar mini-grid. Here is Mr Rabiu Shiebu’s experience with our solar mini-grid at his barbing salon:

Mr Rabiu Shiebu, a barber at Kigbe community

“In a week, I make as much as ₦2500 using the solar supply recharge of ₦500 that sometimes lasts a month. But back when I ran the business with a generator, I made up to ₦2500 a week but half of the money was usually spent on fuel for the generator.”

Other businesses that have benefitted from this solar mini-grid are two provision store owners, a barbershop, two pharmaceutical stores and a health clinic.



We would not have come this far without the support we have received from our partners, well-wishers and our kickass team.

The video below is a documentary on Kigbe Solar Mini-Grid by YouthHubAfrica Team:

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