Is Energy Efficiency the same as Energy Conservation?

Is Energy Efficiency the same as Energy Conservation?

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is simply doing more with less. When one uses less energy through products to provide the same service, they are being energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is NOT energy conservation. Follow, as we elaborate.

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation involves compromising your comfort sometimes or even changing your behaviour to save energy; while Energy efficiency focuses mainly on technological change to save energy and money.

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The Difference

With energy conservation, you’d have to turn off bulbs, regulate the time you watch TV but with energy efficiency, you’d just simply use energy saving appliances. Efficiency seldom results in some conservation of energy but not the other way round.

Nevertheless, both energy efficiency and conservation could work hand in hand in saving energy bills by using energy-saving appliances and turning them off when not in use.

Energy efficiency not only benefits the environment but businesses and consumers.

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