Introducing “Beyond Electrons”

…Because we believed that stable, reliable and cost-effective electricity can exist in rural Nigeria sooner than most people believed.

…Because we knew that lighting up off-grid communities can reduce the rate of rural-urban migration and ease the pressure on the available resources in urban areas.

…Because we were aware of the many potentials that exist in rural Nigeria and the transformative power of access to electricity in the lives of the inhabitants of these communities.

We embarked on a mission to provide reliable electricity through mini-grids to last-mile communities across Nigeria, catalyze the growth of their rural economy and by so doing improve the overall quality of their lives.

Our solar mini-grids serve the energy needs of about 10,000 people in rural Nigeria. In addition to this, it has improved the income of their local businesses, comfort levels in their homes, access to information and overall, improved standards of living. As we have witnessed first hand, access to reliable electricity can be catalytic in unique ways to each of the beneficiaries.

As you will see from the impact stories we will be sharing, electricity is only a means to an end. That “end” could be powering hospitals or even powering a TV to watch a football match. Tag along on this journey as we showcase how our mini-grids are electrifying homes, businesses and transforming lives: Beyond Electrons.

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