CSR: Havenhill donates and deploys a Computer Laboratory to a school in a community powered by their solar mini-grid.

Abuja, Nigeria. February 23 2023: Havenhill Synergy Limited (“Havenhill”), a leading clean-tech utility and energy access company in Nigeria, through Havenhill Foundation donated & deployed a full computer laboratory in Government Secondary School, Yebu Community, Kwali, Abuja.

This project is aimed at supporting the school in bridging the technological learning divide in rural and urban areas by aiding learning through the use of standard information and communication technology tools. 

In 2020, Havenhill deployed a 40kW solar-hybrid mini-grid in Yebu community that serves the energy needs of at least 1,000 people in the community. The only secondary school in the community, Government Secondary School, Yebu, was founded in 2005 and serves about 550 students in 9 classrooms.  With the presence of reliable electricity within the community, students enjoy elongated study time with better lighting. The computer laboratory has been equipped with 12 desktop computers, chairs, desks, wireless connectivity, a projector and a projector screen. This laboratory will serve the technological needs of the students and young people living in Yebu and surrounding communities.

Olusegun Odunaiya, Managing Director at Havenhill Synergy Limited, said, “As an organization, we view electricity as a means to an end, in this case, a contribution to the education sector. Beneficiaries of this project – students and teachers will be able to learn about digital skills that will better position them for the future of work.” This project is a pilot and will be replicated in a number of schools within the communities we serve.

About Havenhill Synergy Limited

Havenhill Synergy Limited is a cleantech utility company established in 2010 that generates and distributes clean, safe, cost-effective and sustainable electricity in rural and urban areas. Havenhill Synergy’s current activities span rural electrification, commercial & industrial solar, solar home systems with equal remarkable traction experience in the solar EPC space.

To learn more, visit www.havenhillsynergy.com 

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  • This is a fantastic example of corporate social responsibility in action! Kudos to Havenhill for not only providing green energy solutions but also giving back to the communities they serve. It’s heartening to see companies like Havenhill investing in education and empowering local communities.

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